CRM & Customer Support

A CRM tool is only as good as its data. Having this rich data pulled retroactively from email (where it already resides) and pushed into your CRM will bring it to life immediately without requiring your customers to do more than connect their mailbox.

Not only will connecting with Context.IO allow a historical import of your users’ mailbox data, but it will keep your CRM tool in sync with their mailboxes going forward. Gone are the days of inconsistent BCCing or Forwarding to obscure email addresses. This is truly seamless email integration into CRM.



Streak uses Context.IO to help manage a powerful Gmail layer that helps users manage their workflows directly within their inbox.

Do you really want to learn how the intricacies of IMAP work? We didn't - we're focusing on the stuff we do well.

Our experience building on Context.IO has been amazing. The team is super responsive and I haven't once thought about how IMAP works - it's a nice simple API.

- Aleem Mawani, Co-Founder, Streak


Contactually leverages Context.IO to significantly reduce the amount of development time they would otherwise have used building directly with IMAP.

Context.IO's APIs have been very easy to implement. Their APIs provided everything we needed, and have helped reduce the amount of code we have to support. Furthermore, we've been in close contact with their support team, who have helped us with implementation questions, and resolved any issues we had.

- Jeff Carbonella, Lead Engineer, Contactually

Document Management

Important documents and files are constantly exchanged over email. In fact, for most people, email is the single most important file repository they have. With Context.IO’s specialized set of calls to pull attachments and their discussions for a mailbox, document management apps can finally make sense of this chaos.



OpenEra used Context.IO to pull attachments quickly and easily and store them in the cloud.

Having worked in the past with the mess that is email attachment parsing, Context.IO is truly a welcome tool that simplifies the task.

- Chris Wise, Technical Lead, OpenEra

Productivity & Project Management

For better or worse, the inbox is the heart and soul of business discussions, and where most people’s project management and task lists reside. Being able to tap into task-related information within email and tie it into productivity or project management tools can bring these apps immediate value. Context.IO makes this easy.


quoteroller.comQuote Roller

Quote Roller uses Context.IO to automatically display relevant email discussions around specific proposals directly in their interface.

Context.IO was really simple. We implemented, tested and rolled out an integration live in less then in 3 days!

- Serge Barysiuk, Co-Founder, Quote Roller