Productivity & Product Management

The inbox is the heart and soul of business discussions and where most people’s project management and task lists reside. Being able to tap into task-related information within email and tie it into productivity or project management tools can bring these apps immediate value. Context.IO makes this easy.



Streak uses Context.IO to help manage a powerful Gmail layer that helps users manage their workflows directly within their inbox.

"Do you really want to learn how the intricacies of IMAP work? We didn't—we're focusing on the stuff we do well.

Our experience building on Context.IO has been amazing. The team is super responsive and I haven't once thought about how IMAP works - it's a nice simple API."

—Aleem Mawani, Streak Co-Founder is a simple and powerful tool to file, sort, and schedule emails with ease.

"Context.IO has helped us speed up development and bring to life features in weeks instead of months."

—Dylan Stamat, CTO at